Learning to Code: Week 35 – Hack Reactor Prep

This week I got deep into Hack Reactor Prep and spent a lot of time between that and working on toy problems either from FCC or J.

January 05, 2017

  • Mastering JS Session 6 video (I missed the class. I thought it was 4th not 2nd!)
  • Mastering JS Session 7 LIVE
  • Pushed my FCC beginner algorithms to github.
  • J sent me three toy problems to complete and the anagram one is hurting my head.

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Learning to Code: Week 33 – Christmas and the Hack Reactor Scholarship

Airbnb JS Style Guide

December 22 – 26, 2016

  • Nothing recorded for the holidays.

December 27, 2016

December 28, 2016