Learning to Code: Week 2 – mario.c


  • Loops: while, do-while, for
  • Boolean values: and is &&, or is ||, not is !
  • Compilers: Pre-processor, compilation, assembly, linking
  • Functions: Saves time in programming
  • Libraries: CS50 has their own library.
  • Make & Clang: “Make” is made by CS50
  • Precedence: Which operations go first? ++i vs i++
  • Style: Comments and in-line vs multi-line comments
    • Indentation of 4 spaces
    • Don’t need { if only 1 line
    • Variable names (don’t make them hard to understand for someone else), don’t make them too long and use underscores to separate words in variables.
    • * next to pointer’s type and not the variable. No idea what a pointer is yet.

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Learning to Code: Week 1 – “hello, CS50”

I’ll try and keep my posts brief with just some notes and thoughts I’ve written over the week. I’ve started with Harvard’s CS50 intro course. The stuff I write is more for me than anything else. I can never forget that.


  • I will study at Panera Bread daily.
  • Looked through instructions and FAQs
  • Will try to finish in 1 month, but that will take some hardcore work.
  • $90 for a CS50 certificate (proof I finished) = good motivation?
  • Finished the pre-course survey
  • Downloaded first lecture


  • Week 0 Lecture completed (@ 150% speed)
  • Transcribed RIVAS goal process in notebook
  • Binary Numbers
  • Algorithm – how to solve a problem step by step.
  • Pseudocode
  • They have PDF of notes!
  • Scratch

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