Learning to Code: Week 11 – Coding While Travelling


  • Mom sent me this article here.
  • I applied to Rmotr. What’s the harm really. I don’t know anything about Object Oriented Programming so I just had to guess when that question came up.


  • Wasn’t able to get anything in today – busy working at SDCC. 😢 


  • CS50 is having a coding contest next weekend I will try to take part in. You can have teams and setup meetups too.

CS50 and HackerRank present the first-ever…


an epic weekend of code

Friday, 29 July 2016 – Sunday, 31 July 2016

Open to CS50x students around the world (and friends). Solve as many problems (in C!) as you can!


  • Worked on the Temperature Conversion practice challenge for CS50. It’s a simpler version of the Daily Challenge I did a bit ago, but I can’t seem to get my code to pass two of their test cases and I don’t know why.

Write a program that, given a temperature in Celsius, C, as a floating-point value via standard input, prints via standard output that temperature in Fahrenheit, F, as a floating-point value, rounded to one decimal place.

Recall that:

F = C * 9/5 + 32

For example, if a user inputs:

0.0, your program should print 32.0

100.0, your program should print 212.0

42.0, your program should print 107.6



  • Was out working and then visiting sites in San Diego. Nothing done today.



  • Flying all day back from working SDCC. Didn’t do anything on the plane except watch a movie and nap.


  • Found a guy in Atlanta that was looking for a teammate for the CS50 challenge. Hopefully he responds favorably to my email.
  • Asked for help on the CS50 practice problem, and the only reason my code failed two test cases was because I used float instead of double…weird.
  • Solution here



  • Finished the factorization practice problem.
    • Write a program that takes an integer as input and outputs its factorial.
    • Solution here
  • It took me a long time (a bit over an hour), but I finished the practice problem to find a substring in a string! There is only a 60% success rate on that one.
    • Write a program that takes two strings as input. If the second string is a substring of the first, output the index where the second string begins within the first string. Otherwise, output -1. Be sure to support wildcard characters, represented by an asterisk (*).
    • Solution here


  • Solved decimal to binary converter practice problem (took maybe 10 minutes)
    • Take in a decimal number via input and output the corresponding binary number, displaying only significant bits (i.e., don’t show 01111 for 15, only 1111).
    • Solution here