Learning to Code: Week 24 – Connect.Tech

October 20, 2016

  • JavaScript: The Weird Parts 39-43

October 21, 2016

  • North Atlanta Software Meetup
    • You can see the actual talk we were given here.
  • More emails sent out.

October 22, 2016

  • Volunteered at the Connect.Tech conference all day.
    • Attended a couple of talks.
    • Getting More Out of Git
      • Having trouble groking Git? Not sure what the difference between merging and rebasing is? Wondering what you would ever use a “cherry-pick” for? We’ll cover these topics and more in this talk, helping attendees get past Git novice and on their way to Git master. The talk will being with a short overview of git fundamentals, but quickly jump into more advanced concepts. We’ll cover branching, commit amending, stashing, cherry-picking, and yes, merging versus rebasing. You might not be a Git guru after one conference session, but you will have a better understanding of how to play nicely with others in the same Git repository and how to fix common (and not so common) issues in Git.
    • Javascript Software Craftsmanship
      • Becoming an expert coder involves much more than learning the coolest new framework or becoming a design pattern ninja. Becoming an expert coder is about passion and craftsmanship. In this two-part series we will dive into Software Craftsmanship, what it is and how it has not only influenced but also refactored our industry and trade. We won’t stop there, we will discuss how to grow beyond being a commodity coder to being mentored and mentoring others, who the mentors are, and how to take ownership of your coding career. Finally we will look at what often makes JS code suck and the often ignored but essential disciplines of master software craftsmen and how these apply to JS coders.

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Learning to Code: Week 23 – Git & Github


Goals For This Week:

  1. Email 5 people on my alumni list
  2. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 4 (RE-READ)
  3. Code School Parts 2 and 3
  4. Get Jekyll installed or a simple blog and personal page (wordpress?)
  5. Section 4 JS: Understanding the Weird Parts

October 13, 2016 🍅🍅🍅🍅

October 14, 2016 

October 15, 2016 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • Git and Github Course at General Assembly (SLIDES HERE)
    • Origin = Remote repository
    • Master = name of main branch
    • Working with the command line
    • Push and pull from the origin.
    • Local repos held on local machine. No need for internet.
    • Written in C by Linus Torvald
    • Keeps track of the Delta only so it is lightweight (changes between chars only)
    • All commands: > git <space> <commands> …
    • Can go backwards and forwards in time.
    • Git checkout <num>
    • Git checkout master/HEAD
    • Github and making a repository from my local machine
    • Pulling and pushing to the remote repo
    • Branching


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Learning to Code: Week 22 – Understanding The Weird Parts

Goals For This Week:

  1. Email 10 people on my alumni list
  2. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 5
  3. Section 1-3 of Javascript: The Weird Parts
  4. Code School Parts 2 and 3
  5. Get Jekyll installed or a simple blog and personal page (wordpress?)

October 08, 2016

  • Not much done today. Celebrating my birthday with my girlfriend all day.

October 09, 2016

October 10, 2016

  • I listened to the first hour of this course on Udemy called JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
    • So far it’s great and the explanation and teaching style assuming very little of the student.
    • I will continue with it along with EJS and Code School to gain deep understanding on plain JS!

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Learning to Code: Week 21 – Eloquent Javascript


Goals For This Week:

  1. Finish Frontend Masters “Introduction to JavaScript Programming”
  2. Finish Chapters 1-4 in Eloquent JavaScript
  3. Email 10 people on my alumni list
  4. Finish CS50 Problem Set 7 (if time or need a break from JS)

September 30, 2016 🍅🍅

October 01, 2016 🍅🍅🍅

  • Eloquent JavaScript (EJS): Introduction
  • EJS Chapter 1: Values, Types and Operators
    • JS numbers are fixed at 64 bits, unlike C.
    • JS has special numbers like Infinity and Infinity and also NaN (“not a number or something like 0/0)
    • The above is weird. || does the opposite. It is called short-circuit evaluation.


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