Learning to Code: Week 28 – Codementor

November 17, 2016


  • Finished Fundamentals to Functional JS Course
  • Callbacks Exercises
  • Underscore.js
  • _.each()
  • _.map()
  • Looping with _.map()
  • .map() vs _.each()
  • Underscore exercises and solutions

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Learning to Code: Week 27 – Reaching Out To People

November 09, 2016

  • Donald Trump is President of America
  • What to say in a CS interview when stuck on a problem?
  • Met with JB today who is a Hack Reactor Remote alum working at CNN Atlanta. Also another woman was there (A) who is just starting the Digital Crafts bootcamp. We spoke for 2.5 hours!
    • She took the Hack Reactor remote program in 2015.
    • Recruiters are very good in ATL. JB knows a few that have placed people she knows.
    • She runs the remote HR FB group
    • Spoke at Connect.Tech
  • Says there was zero job search support for her from HR!!
  • She got 3 job offers within two months of finishing.
  • She was offered a job recently that is +45k what she is making currently (wow)
  • She says I can find a job in ATL no problem.
  • Hack Reactor vs General Assembly vs Digital Crafts (HR is like GA Tech computer science versus another bootcamp that would be like UGA computer science)
  • She’ll always outwork you. (she’s a beast)

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Learn to Code: Week 26 – Touring Bootcamps in SF!

November 02, 2016

  • On flight to SF from ATL. Stop-over in Austin.
    • Practical JS
      • Interlude – Don’t wonder about things the debugger can tell you
    • Version 8 – Getting Data From Inputs (starting to look more like a usable app!)
    • Refactoring
    • Added buttons to:
      • Add todo
      • Delete todo
      • Change todo
      • Toggle completed
    • Finished Version 9 – Escape From the Console
      • No longer work out of the console so all functions that print to it have been removed.
    • Created a “view” object that manipulated the DOM via ul and li elements.
    • All of objects handle very specific things.
      • TodoList = only for the todo list data.
      • Handlers = only handles user input.
      • View = only handles displaying the current status of the todo list.
    • Interlude – Functions Inside of Functions
      • runWithDebugger
      • setTimeout
      • forEach
      • addEventListener
      • Buzzwords: “Higher order functions” and “Callback functions”


  • MakerSquare Tour
    • I thought I had it originally scheduled for 3PM EST (6PM PST), but it turns out it was 3PM PST. So I got there very late.
    • However with luck we were able to get a tour of the place. Met with Zac who is an instructor/former student.
    • Cohort size is ~25.
    • Small intimate space.
    • Lectures and personal talks.
    • Talked about application process.
    • Family is an important value here.

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