Learning to Code: Week 32 – Master JavaScript

Stateful tree

This week was when the Master JavaScript class on Codementor really took off. The whole concept of a “stateful” application and unidirectional data flow blows my mind.

Also this week I discovered the podcast Breaking Into Startups which is run by three guys, two of which went to Hack Reactor and App Academy! They ask the best questions and ones I want to know the answers to without veering off topic. I highly recommend anyone interested in tech or startups listen to it immediately.

December 15, 2016

  • Master Javascript course today went over creating objects in a different way than using class. Using stateful and a notify mixin and creating a simple Todo “App.”
  • Very fast paced but hopefully I can push through.
  • I found this new podcast that is really good: http://breakingintostartups.com
  • I need to research “Unidirectional Data Flow”
Stateful tree
Stateful todo app tree

December 16, 2016

  • Practical Javascript – Version 10
    • HyperDev
    • The return statement
    • Id for unique elements. Class can be for a bunch of elements.
    • Adding event listener to the ul instead of each li to cut down on the number of listeners, and also if a button inside the ul is clicked it will know about it so why have more than that?
    • This is called “Event Delegation”
  • Put in my 4 weeks notice at work!
  • Decided to work on a personal project before I leave CGA, making an app that dynamically creates cutsheet that is better than the internal software we have now.
    • First I tried to do it exactly like I did it in my spreadsheet, but I realized that it’s a little too obtuse for a program that can bypass all the bullshit with formulas.
    • Switched all the inputs to “number” thinking the element would return a number, but actually it’s just a string, but you are able to restrict the input values a little (defaults to text if not supported by the browser).
    • I’m using the Math.js library to work with fractions and I’ve been reading the docs all damn day.
    • And I just learned that you can pass in expressions as strings and pass in an object of variables!!! Fucking crazy.

Cutsheet App

December 17, 2016

  • Worked briefly on my cutsheet app and got a table to print out, but it’s not DRY at all.
  • Attempted to get mocha and tape to do testing with my underscore library, but not having much luck so far.
  • Practical JavascriptCOMPLETED:
    • Finished version 11.
    • Learned about using this in the forEach method.
    • Learned about getting the position or index from a forEach function as well.
  • Signed up for the Premium Watch and Code course.
Practical JavaScript Completed!
Practical JavaScript Completed!

December 18, 2016

December 19, 2016

December 20, 2016

  • Nothing recorded for the Christmas Week!

December 21, 2016

  • Nothing recorded for the Christmas Week!