Learning to Code: Week 31 – HTML and CSS

Weeks Until Project

December 08, 2016

Code School Projects

  • Codementor Class Starts TONIGHT at 9PM: JavaScript Master Class
  • sadfasdf
  • asdfasf

Interesting Stuff

  • How to go from Zero to One as a Software Engineer
    • Let’s face it, if you’re reading this right now, then you’re probably not well known. No one’s ever heard of you except for your friends, family, and your close relationships. If you apply to a position, the hiring employer probably won’t be able to tell the difference between you and the next person that applies.Do a Google search on yourself right now. Are you showing up in the results? If not then nobody knows who you are. Hate to break it to you but it’s ok, you can change it.How do you change it so that you get noticed?Simple: start a blog.
  • Codementor: Mastering JavaScript Class

December 09, 2016

  • Front-End Formations Level 4 – COMPLETED!
  • Front-End Formations Level 5 – COMPLETED!

Font Face

More advice from a HR alum:

At the time I did it, the precourse material was more than setup, it taught you the basics which you reviewed in the first two weeks. There were more assignments than lectures.
I know that people struggled with hoisting, the “this” context, and recursion.
I hate the gym, and refuse to go to it now (I opt to walk to work instead), but absolutely go to the gym. They give you a stipend. Use it, flat out. And then counteract all of your hard exercise by going out with your classmates every time they do, because it builds connections and keeps you sane haha.
As for your last question, it depends on when. Since I went to Hack Reactor for a job, I would still go if I travelled back to when I did it, or even before. I have a lot of faith in Hack Reactor’s curriculum since I already knew all of that stuff (and only learned from the job search portion, there were 3 others in my cohort who went through it literally just for that) and yet found myself shocked and amazed by how well the lessons were written and taught, and it was my cohort’s lessons that were recorded for the HR remote so I can definitely endorse that.
However, if I had to do it all over again now, I wouldn’t. As a result of their recent rapid expansion, they’ve lost all of the things that made their job placement and coaching great due to lack of staff. When I went through the end, every major step of the way someone was talking to me and coaching me, and I got in-person personalized time with my resume, especially due to my abnormal background.

That tied with how the market for non-seniors has shit itself last year and so that even my new university grad friends can’t break into tech, and I would not recommend going to Hack Reactor if a job is your goal.
If you’re looking to start your own startup or want to improve your current job skills or just have the money to spend and want a once in a lifetime learning experience, go for it. I highly recommend Hack Reactor.

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Learning to Code: Week 30 – I GOT ACCEPTED INTO HACK REACTOR SF!

December 01, 2016

In the job search, a huge part of success is doing well on “technical interviews,” which is where companies put you in front of a whiteboard (or an online code editor for first-round phone screens) and ask you questions about data structures and algorithms. I studied these types of questions prior to entering the course. How to arrive at the solution, how to best implement them in JavaScript, how to sketch them out in diagrams, etc.

A good site for beginner-level questions is www.codewars.com since they let you see other people’s solutions. You’ll learn a lot of good language tips this way.

As for JS, it really helped me to have a solid understanding of the following concepts:

  • The this keyword/execution contexts
  • Function prototype methods: call, apply, bind
  • Closures and when to use them
  • Pass-by-reference vs. pass-by-value
  • ES6 stuff: Arrow functions, rest parameters, spread operator, destructuring, const and let
  • And be fluent enough with the language to do Underbar parts 1 and 2 (part of Precourse) in under 40 minutes.


  • Just contingent on me passing the assisted pre-course work without a problem.
  • Pre-course work is the same, just if I had 100% passed I would have to do it solo (6 weeks time) versus two weeks of focus guided work.
  • Very few people pass the first interview, but I did.
  • I made a pro/con list of what to do. There is very little reason for me to interview a second time except to boost my ego and do better.
  • I START FEB 6TH, 2017

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Learning to Code: Week 27 – Reaching Out To People

November 09, 2016

  • Donald Trump is President of America
  • What to say in a CS interview when stuck on a problem?
  • Met with JB today who is a Hack Reactor Remote alum working at CNN Atlanta. Also another woman was there (A) who is just starting the Digital Crafts bootcamp. We spoke for 2.5 hours!
    • She took the Hack Reactor remote program in 2015.
    • Recruiters are very good in ATL. JB knows a few that have placed people she knows.
    • She runs the remote HR FB group
    • Spoke at Connect.Tech
  • Says there was zero job search support for her from HR!!
  • She got 3 job offers within two months of finishing.
  • She was offered a job recently that is +45k what she is making currently (wow)
  • She says I can find a job in ATL no problem.
  • Hack Reactor vs General Assembly vs Digital Crafts (HR is like GA Tech computer science versus another bootcamp that would be like UGA computer science)
  • She’ll always outwork you. (she’s a beast)

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Learn to Code: Week 26 – Touring Bootcamps in SF!

November 02, 2016

  • On flight to SF from ATL. Stop-over in Austin.
    • Practical JS
      • Interlude – Don’t wonder about things the debugger can tell you
    • Version 8 – Getting Data From Inputs (starting to look more like a usable app!)
    • Refactoring
    • Added buttons to:
      • Add todo
      • Delete todo
      • Change todo
      • Toggle completed
    • Finished Version 9 – Escape From the Console
      • No longer work out of the console so all functions that print to it have been removed.
    • Created a “view” object that manipulated the DOM via ul and li elements.
    • All of objects handle very specific things.
      • TodoList = only for the todo list data.
      • Handlers = only handles user input.
      • View = only handles displaying the current status of the todo list.
    • Interlude – Functions Inside of Functions
      • runWithDebugger
      • setTimeout
      • forEach
      • addEventListener
      • Buzzwords: “Higher order functions” and “Callback functions”


  • MakerSquare Tour
    • I thought I had it originally scheduled for 3PM EST (6PM PST), but it turns out it was 3PM PST. So I got there very late.
    • However with luck we were able to get a tour of the place. Met with Zac who is an instructor/former student.
    • Cohort size is ~25.
    • Small intimate space.
    • Lectures and personal talks.
    • Talked about application process.
    • Family is an important value here.

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