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Learning to Code: Week 1 - "hello, CS50"

I'll try and keep my posts brief with just some notes and thoughts I've written over the week. I've started with Harvard's CS50 intro course. The stuff I write is more for me than anything else. I can never forget that.


  • I will study at Panera Bread daily.
  • Looked through instructions and FAQs
  • Will try to finish in 1 month, but that will take some hardcore work.
  • $90 for a CS50 certificate (proof I finished) = good motivation?
  • Finished the pre-course survey
  • Downloaded first lecture


  • Week 0 Lecture completed (@ 150% speed)
  • Transcribed RIVAS goal process in notebook
  • Binary Numbers
  • Algorithm - how to solve a problem step by step.
  • Pseudocode
  • They have PDF of notes!
  • Scratch


Week 0 Lecture 2 is all I had time for.


Found this cool article series and decided to read them all:

Born to Learn article series:

Emailed Shawn about helping me with accountability support!


  • Scratch Project completed and submitted
  • Problem Set 0 completed = 1.0 score
  • Shawn mentioned Triadic Communication. I looked it up, but didn't find much.
  • CodeNewbie Meetup May 28th - unsure if I can make this. Have something else until 12:15 which runs over their time.


Had a call with Technical Recruiter (8-9 years experience) about what companies are looking for in a Developer. It was a great talk.

What languages are best. Bootcamps, interviews, agencies, tutorials, StackOverflow. I took more notes on paper!


  • CS50: Week 1 - Lecture #1 (2x speed)
  • I want to put in much more hours. My end goal is 20 hours a week (if not more).
  • I’ve been coming in during my lunch hour, but I need to get more time. I can get 2 hrs before work if I can my sleep sorted. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else though.
  • Completed first program hello.c!

Learning to Code: Week 2 – mario.c