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Learning to Code: Week 36

I finished off Hack Reactor Prep this week. Precourse Accept kicked off! The weekdays aren't too long, but the weekends will be all day. Think of it as a mini-bootcamp before Hack Reactor. I got a much better understanding of HTML, CSS, closures and this week. Not only that I learned (some) jQuery!

Helped out a fellow student for an hour or two working through some underbar problems involving reduce. I had never pair programmed before and it was fun. I tried my best to steer towards understanding why something wasn't working rather than giving out an answer.

Learning to Code: Week 32

This week was when the Master JavaScript class on Codementor really took off. The whole concept of a "stateful" application and unidirectional data flow blows my mind. Also this week I discovered the podcast Breaking Into Startups which is run by three guys, two of which went to Hack Reactor and App Academy! They ask the best questions and ones I want to know the answers to without veering off topic. I highly recommend anyone interested in tech or startups listen to it immediately.