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Learning to Code: Week 25

October 27, 2016

October 28, 2016

  • Finished Level 2 of JavaScript Road Trip Part 3.
    • Closures are still very confusing to me because every example I’ve seen so far I’ve been able to rewrite WITHOUT a closure and it works just fine, so I see absolutely no reason to use them on these simple examples, and no lessons so far have explained WHY they are needed.
    • I feel that it is a much more advanced technique to use variables outside of a function’s scope, but I can’t follow the advanced examples I see, and the very simple examples that use closures don’t need them! Arghhhh
  • Hack Reactor application process (and their sub-schools like MakerSquare)
    • We encourage our applicants to apply 2-3 months before their preferred start date as the application process is composed of three steps.
    • The Admissions Challenge (to submit your application)
      • This is the first step in the process where you will need to submit a snippet of code based on the criteria points presented
      • If criteria points are in red text they are failing and your code will not be submitted
      • A pop up application will appear once the code is 100% correct (the criteria points will all be green), allowing you to fill out your personal information.
      • One application works for all of the schools in our partner network
      • The technical interview
        • Once you have submitted your admissions challenge successfully you will choose your preferred start date and campus
        • An email will be sent to you shortly after submitting your application to set up your technical interview
        • If you do not pass the technical interview on the first go, you'll most likely be issued a mandatory study period. After the study period has ended, you'll be eligible to re-interview.
        • Study periods range from 2 weeks to 1 month to 3 months depending on your performance during the interview.
        • If immediately accepted

October 29, 2016

  • A friend got me acess to for free so I will see what courses they have that I can use later on. I’ve heard good things.
    • jQuery Essential Training
    • JavaScript and JSON
    • JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM
    • Code Clinic: JavaScript
    • Debugging the Web: JavaScript
    • Asked on the 404 Slack group about Closures and someone directed me to this article: Functions as First Class Citizens in Javascript
    • JSRP Part 3 Completed

October 30, 2016

  • Completed Version 4 of Practical Javascript.
  • Completed Version 5 of Practical Javascript.

October 31, 2016

    • Completed Version 6 of Practical Javascript.
    • Tried to get into Code Wars last week and didn’t understand the second problem. Did it again this morning and now that I understand Prototypes and Inheritance I was easily able to make it in. 💪
      • Codewars is a community driven site aimed at training Code Warriors into becoming master developers. We use a "kyū" system to help indicate which level you have trained to, as well as to indicate which level a challenge belongs to. Starting at 8 kyū, you will advance all the way to 1 kyū. This system is borrowed from Japanese martial arts and the game of Go, where the levels count the number of degrees you are away from being a "Master".
      • The easiest way of getting started is to use our trainer on the dashboard to pick your next challenge (aka "Kata").
      • For newer developers, we recommend that you pick the "Fundamentals" focus track, which will randomly select easier kata for you to train on.
      • Stack Overflow Developer Story
  • Finished Version 7
      • Requirements
      • HTML essentials
      • What’s the DOM?
      • There should be a “Display todos” button and a “Toggle all” button in the app.
      • Clicking “Display todos” should run todoList.displayTodos
      • Clicking “Toggle all” should run todoList.toggleAll
      • This course is cool so far. It goes pretty quick, but it’s the first course where I am actually creating something from nothing and interacting with the webpage and not the console. I can finally see the Todo App coming together.
      • Office Hours are every Monday where you can go into a livestream and talk with Gordon (guy who put the course together). Mini-mentorship is a perk and it’s free!
      • I just also had the realization that using Git I don’t need a “version4, version5, version6” javascript file every time. I should just commit my changes and notate the current version I just completed. 😵

November 01, 2016

Touring Bootcamps in SF!

Learning to Code: Week 24 - Connect.Tech