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Hack Reactor Prep

Learning to Code: Week 36

This week I got deep into Hack Reactor Prep and spent a lot of time between that and working on toy problems either from FCC or J.

January 05, 2017

  • Mastering JS Session 6 video (I missed the class. I thought it was 4th not 2nd!)
  • Mastering JS Session 7 LIVE
  • Pushed my FCC beginner algorithms to github.
  • J sent me three toy problems to complete and the anagram one is hurting my head.

January 06, 2017

  • Nothing completed today. Came down with the flu and I am swamped with last minute details at work before I leave.

January 07, 2017

  • Reorganized my Coding Personal Curriculum for work I want to complete before PCA and Hack Reactor onsite.
  • Hack Reactor Prep
    • Outlining and stubbing
    • Testing/Assertion
    • TDD
    • TDD Exercises
    • Here are some quick simple testing assert PASS/FAIL message template using ES6 template literals:

console.log(`PASSED [${testName}]`); console.log(`FAILED [${testName}] - Expected "${expected}", but got "${actual}"`);

  • Asked someone on Slack who went to Dev Bootcamp for good resources for Hack Reactor. She said:

Hey! Here are some additional resources that should aid you in being successful during and after bootcamp:


Learn to Code HTML & CSS by Shay Howe


Head First Javascript Programming

You Don’t Know JS Book Series


Head First SQL


I’m making an assumption here that this is probably the server side language they will teach you since Hack Reactor is a JS bootcamp, but I would fact check that first.

Coding Problems:

Free Code Camp - The site has several basic, intermediate, and advance algorithm scripting problems

Hacker Rank: This site also has several algorithmic type problems you can work on


I would also look up blogs written by Hack Reactor students. They generally have very detailed information about what they learned during the project. Which can help you get a leg in terms of preparing. I liked this blog.

However, it was written in 2013 so I would look up a more updated one also.


I would first get really comfortable with understanding Javascript fundamentals, then become literate in a JS framework. I’m not that crazy about these resources, but it’s a starting point. If you find better one’s please let me know.



Good luck!

Testing a change to my writing flow

Free Code Camp Toy Problems

  • Hack Reactor prep site went down so I switched to FCC algorithm 'Wherefore Art Thou'
  • I am weak at Objects and completely understanding how to search for their keys/props.
  • I understand the solution and my logic was exactly correct.
  • I am trying to never use a for loop like this again:

for(let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++)

  • Now that I think I understand it, I have to recall and do it again FROM SCRATCH. It's the only way to really beat something into my skull and learn.

January 08, 2017

Hack Reactor Prep

  • Module 2 Exercises
    • Average integers
    • Decorate student list with ages
    • Is it an isogram?
    • Find first word with most repeated charactersTheir solution split out finding the max value in a hash map My tests are more rigourous. Theirs will fail if a character is uppercase. I should strive to have each function I write do ONE THING ONLY!
    • Render phone number
    • Find longest palindrome
    • Here's a quick checklist of how I should approach each problem.
      • Understand the problem first
      • Outline and skeleton
      • Think of test cases
      • Write assert for those tests
      • Create tests ==RED==
      • Develop main function(s)
      • Make tests pass ==GREEN==
      • I still need more work on Objects, Prototypes and Constructors. I must understand them deeply.

Free Code Camp Intermediate Algorithms - COMPLETED

  • DNA Pairing (switch statements ever worth using?)
  • Wherefore Art Thou
  • Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers
  • Sum All Odd Primes (learned how to implement Sieve of Eratosthenes!)
  • Smallest Common Multiple (damn math research for GCD and LCM)
  • Finders Keepers
  • Drop it!
  • Steamroller
  • Binary Agents
  • Everything Be True
  • Arguments Optional

January 09, 2017

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers Book
  • Hack Reactor Pre-course Slack channel was opened and I joined in. Exciting!
    • This useful tool was already shared by instructor Albrey:
    • Google Calendar also all setup and ready to go.
    • Another cool article shared with me about engineers and notebooks: Software Engineers Should Keep Lab Notebooks
    • Few good posts on Deep Work:
      1. Deep Work: A welcome kick in the butt.
      2. Quantifying and Visualizing “Deep Work”
    • I bought iA Writer and it's a great Markdown editor and I like writing in it much more than Google Docs, however it's not easily accessible across all computers/devices.
    • Worked on toy problem Character Frequency for 30 minutes.
      • It was very quick until I ran into trying to sort my array alphabetically when frequencies match.
      • Solved it two minutes later after getting a deeper understanding of using a callback function in sort().
      • I ran two sort functions. I feel like it can be done in one most likely.
      • Total time 33 minutes.
      • I want to write some quick assert tests as well to get more practice with writing and composing tests.

January 10, 2017

This morning I spent 90 minutes working on the toy problems J gave me (finally). I was able to get through two of them fairly easily, but ran up against trying to compute all anagrams of a string.

I solved it later at work, but the recursion is intense!

  • Hack Reactor Prep
    • Completed Fashion Inventory A
    • Completed Fashion Inventory B
      • Getting reduce to work with objects is a PITA
      • Looking at the solution theirs is easier to read because they broke down the functions EVEN FURTHER than what I thought of doing.
      • They had maybe twice as many. Each doing ONE TINY THING.
      • My skeletoning needs work!

January 11, 2017

  • Hack Reactor Prep
    • Completed Fashion Inventory C
      • Tried to break my functions down even more.
      • I had 4 functions in the end. All worked well.
      • Used simple regex to match for BLACK shoes.
      • Got stuck on the first map, oops. Got unstuck quickly.
      • The solution also had 4 functions, but was still slightly cleaner and more readable.
      • Completed Fashion Inventory D
        • I admit it took me a lot longer than I wanted.
        • It is hard to break everything down to the finest functions.
        • A good outline helps a lot and testing each function as you go.
        • My solution was slightly different than HR's but mine is almost just as clean.
        • A Recipe for Solving Toy Problems
        • We Are Typists First, Programmers Second
        • Completed interview videos for 4 problems, did the rest without recording.
          • Flipper
          • Big Flipper
          • Outliers
          • Transpose
          • Find the Pair
          • Oh yeah? Rotate this!

100% Focus on Hack Reactor

It's 2017!