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Learning to Code: Week 31

December 08, 2016

Code School Projects
Code School Projects
  • Codementor Class Starts TONIGHT at 9PM: JavaScript Master Class
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Interesting Stuff

  • How to go from Zero to One as a Software Engineer
    • Let’s face it, if you’re reading this right now, then you’re probably not well known. No one’s ever heard of you except for your friends, family, and your close relationships. If you apply to a position, the hiring employer probably won’t be able to tell the difference between you and the next person that applies.Do a Google search on yourself right now. Are you showing up in the results? If not then nobody knows who you are. Hate to break it to you but it’s ok, you can change it.How do you change it so that you get noticed?Simple: start a blog.
    • Codementor: Mastering JavaScript Class

December 09, 2016

  • Front-End Formations Level 4 - COMPLETED!
  • Front-End Formations Level 5 - COMPLETED!
Font Face
Font Face

More advice from a HR alum:

At the time I did it, the precourse material was more than setup, it taught you the basics which you reviewed in the first two weeks. There were more assignments than lectures. I know that people struggled with hoisting, the "this" context, and recursion. I hate the gym, and refuse to go to it now (I opt to walk to work instead), but absolutely go to the gym. They give you a stipend. Use it, flat out. And then counteract all of your hard exercise by going out with your classmates every time they do, because it builds connections and keeps you sane haha. As for your last question, it depends on when. Since I went to Hack Reactor for a job, I would still go if I travelled back to when I did it, or even before. I have a lot of faith in Hack Reactor's curriculum since I already knew all of that stuff (and only learned from the job search portion, there were 3 others in my cohort who went through it literally just for that) and yet found myself shocked and amazed by how well the lessons were written and taught, and it was my cohort's lessons that were recorded for the HR remote so I can definitely endorse that. However, if I had to do it all over again now, I wouldn't. As a result of their recent rapid expansion, they've lost all of the things that made their job placement and coaching great due to lack of staff. When I went through the end, every major step of the way someone was talking to me and coaching me, and I got in-person personalized time with my resume, especially due to my abnormal background.

That tied with how the market for non-seniors has shit itself last year and so that even my new university grad friends can't break into tech, and I would not recommend going to Hack Reactor if a job is your goal. If you're looking to start your own startup or want to improve your current job skills or just have the money to spend and want a once in a lifetime learning experience, go for it. I highly recommend Hack Reactor.

  • The guy who emailed me about his interview passed and is in the same cohort I am! Sweet.
  • Codementor Session with Dan
    • TDD
    • Writing my own library
    • Make my own projects
    • Code School Project 1 - COMPLETED
      • Installed node.js
      • Made simplest of simple websites and pushed to github
      • Hosted it quickly on Github pages. Neat!
      • Code School Project 2
        • Very simple basic HTML portfolio
        • Hopefully the CSS I make will make it look pretty. That's what I want practice with!

Interesting Stuff

December 10, 2016

  • Interesting Stuff

December 11, 2016

  • I’ve been wanting to make a very simple “Weeks Until” calculator since all of the ones online give me too much information. Round up the nearest week and call it a day.
  • So that’s what I decided to work on!
    • I got the basic funcationality working using the Date() object and getDate and calculated the difference in times in days instead of miliseconds.
    • See:
    • Once I could log to the console what I wanted I switched over to HTML.
    • I put in a simple h1, h2, input field and submit button made it run myFunction() to log to the console what was received from the date input since I didn’t know the format.
    • It came out in a string like YYYY-MM-DD
    • So I took the input and split it into an array of 3 elements and put that back into the date function to get the ending date.
    • The start date is today.
    • Made a <p> element to print to the screen the weeks left rounded.
    • Once I finished all that I worked on styling with CSS.
    • I made a bunch of divs and worked around that to make it simple.
    • WC3 and the MDN were a big help in getting it to look the way I wanted. I’m sure the CSS looks like a trainwreck to anyone competent.
    • I am proud of my first project that had no tutorials behind it, just googling.
    • JavaScript30 - Drum Kit

December 12, 2016


December 13, 2016

December 14, 2016

  • Did more work for the Mastering JavaScript course. Most of the code I can follow, but don’t understand how it all comes together. I feel most of us aren’t at the level he wants to go at, so we will have to dial it back a bit and go slower.
  • Ran through more of the Hack Reactor Prep problems while I can. They all seem pretty easy and they just threw in 50 problems with minor tweaks to each.
  • REDDIT: Networking: Why People Don’t Open Up to You
  • Hack Reactor (remote) recently got a whole slew of negative emails on Course Report. It made me quickly rethink all my decisions. However, it doesn’t matter THAT much where I go. It’s about having the best, most motivated people AROUND ME.

Master JavaScript