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Learning to Code: Week 36

I finished off Hack Reactor Prep this week. Precourse Accept kicked off! The weekdays aren't too long, but the weekends will be all day. Think of it as a mini-bootcamp before Hack Reactor. I got a much better understanding of HTML, CSS, closures and this week. Not only that I learned (some) jQuery!

Helped out a fellow student for an hour or two working through some underbar problems involving reduce. I had never pair programmed before and it was fun. I tried my best to steer towards understanding why something wasn't working rather than giving out an answer.

Learning to Code: Week 35

This week I got deep into Hack Reactor Prep and spent a lot of time between that and working on toy problems either from FCC or J. Advice from a bootcamp grad on frameworks:

I would first get really comfortable with understanding Javascript fundamentals, then become literate in a JS framework. I’m not that crazy about these resources, but it’s a starting point. If you find better one’s please let me know.

Learning to Code: Week 31

I’ve been wanting to make a very simple “Weeks Until” calculator since all of the ones online give me too much information. Round up the nearest week and call it a day. So that’s what I decided to work on!

I got the basic functionality working using the Date() object and getDate and calculated the difference in times in days instead of milliseconds.

Once I could log to the console what I wanted I switched over to HTML. I put in a simple h1, h2, input field and submit button made it run myFunction() to log to the console what was received from the date input since I didn’t know the format. It came out in a string like YYYY-MM-DD

Learning to Code: Week 27

Met with JB today who is a Hack Reactor Remote alum working at CNN Atlanta. Also, another woman was there (A) who is just starting the Digital Crafts bootcamp. We spoke for 2.5 hours!

She took the Hack Reactor remote program in 2015. Recruiters are very good in ATL. JB knows a few that have placed people she knows. She runs the remote HR FB group. She spoke at Connect.Tech

Says there was zero job search support for her from HR!! But she got 3 job offers within two months of finishing.

Learning to Code: Week 26

My tour of Hack Reactor was the only scheduled professional tour I had actually. There were a lot more people than I expected (10 maybe). Had time after the interview to ask more questions. I asked a lot of questions. Everyone except one other guy left when the first part was over. Split into three floors with two groups of Juniors/Seniors on one floor. The other two groups on another.

Cohorts run every 7 weeks. Payment is due 14 days before the start date of cohort (in full). The middle floor is for lectures/staff/parties. They reimburse gym fees (not anymore). They have a kitchen and free flowing coffee. This was the largest space out of all we visited.

Learning to Code: Week 25

Closures are still very confusing to me because every example I’ve seen so far I’ve been able to rewrite WITHOUT a closure and it works just fine, so I see absolutely no reason to use them on these simple examples, and no lessons so far have explained WHY they are needed.
I feel that it is a much more advanced technique to use variables outside of a function’s scope, but I can’t follow the advanced examples I see, and the very simple examples that use closures don’t need them! Arghhhh