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Learning to Code: Week 26

November 02, 2016

  • On flight to SF from ATL. Stop-over in Austin.
    • Practical JS
      • Interlude - Don't wonder about things the debugger can tell you
      • Version 8 - Getting Data From Inputs (starting to look more like a usable app!)
      • Refactoring
      • Added buttons to:
        • Add todo
        • Delete todo
        • Change todo
        • Toggle completed
        • Finished Version 9 - Escape From the Console
          • No longer work out of the console so all functions that print to it have been removed.
          • Created a “view” object that manipulated the DOM via ul and li elements.
          • All of objects handle very specific things.
            • TodoList = only for the todo list data.
            • Handlers = only handles user input.
            • View = only handles displaying the current status of the todo list.
            • Interlude - Functions Inside of Functions
              • runWithDebugger
              • setTimeout
              • forEach
              • addEventListener
              • Buzzwords: “Higher order functions” and “Callback functions”
  • MakerSquare Tour
    • I thought I had it originally scheduled for 3PM EST (6PM PST), but it turns out it was 3PM PST. So I got there very late.
    • However with luck we were able to get a tour of the place. Met with Zac who is an instructor/former student.
    • Cohort size is ~25.
    • Small intimate space.
    • Lectures and personal talks.
    • Talked about application process.
    • Family is an important value here.

November 03, 2016

  • SF Vacation

November 04, 2016

  • App Academy
    • Not a real tour. Dropped in.
    • Cohorts of about 80 people.
    • Only saw half of the space. We weren’t allowed to into the “pair programing area”
    • Supposedly only accepts 3%
    • Still doing Ruby AND Javascript
    • No scholarships
    • Job support extends for the foreseeable future. You can come back later and get help.
    • CODE 2040
      • Found randomly after visiting the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.
      • Tristan Walker founded Code2040, an internship program designed to bring Latino and black engineering undergrads to Silicon Valley.
      • Jessica gave us a cool tour of their office and we got some neat swag.
      • I really like their mission and will look to volunteer/help any way I can.
      • Wish an organization like this were around when I was in school.
  • Hack Reactor
    • My tour of Hack Reactor was the only scheduled professional tour I had actually.
    • There were a lot more people than I expected (10 maybe).
    • Had time after the interview to ask more questions. I asked a lot of questions. Everyone except one other guy left when the first part was over.
    • Split into three floors with two groups of Juniors/Seniors on one floor. The other two groups on another.
    • Run every 7 weeks.
    • Payment is due 14 days before the start date of cohort (in full)
    • The middle floor is for lectures/staff/parties.
    • They reimburse gym fees.
    • They have a kitchen and free flowing coffee.
    • This was the largest space out of all we visited.

November 05, 2016

  • SF Vacation

November 06, 2016

November 07, 2016

November 08, 2016

  • JS Fundamentals to Functional Frontend Masters
    • Functions

When you have narrowed a job search down to a few top places where you really want to interview and perhaps your qualifications fall a bit short of the company’s ideal candidate, a bit of extra customized effort can make a major difference in your results. Most people tend to use elaborate cover letters or resume delivery methods, which may work sometimes but aren’t entirely original. Sending a box of cookies with a hidden resume inside might get some attention, but methods like this don’t elevate you as a candidate so much as they make you appear willing to bribe.

  • Ran through a few CodeWars problems at work. Got more practice using .reduce method.

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