Here are a few of the applications that I have worked on using these technologies:

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, React, Redux, Node, Express, mySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL


MailChimp Mini-Dashboard

Personal Visualization of MailChimp Key Metrics

React, Node, Express, Grommet

  • Front-end crafted with React, Grommet, and CSS Flexbox to create a responsive mobile first dashboard layoutBack-end with Node and Express.
  • Created own routes and API proxy on server for MailChimp's V3 API.
  • Unit Testing via Jest and Supertest to allow for faster, more stable development and deployment.
  • Deployed on Heroku using Webpack with features coming soon to allow anyone to use their own MailChimp API key for visualizing their account and list data.



Ask & Answer Nearby Questions

React, Redux, Node, Express, Postgres, JWT, CSS Grid

  • Developed algorithm to efficiently cluster nearby question markers on Google map as a user zooms in.
  • Built modular front-end views with React and React Router 4 for fast rendering and extensibility.
  • Implemented authentication with Passport, Facebook, and JWTs for stateless sessions.
  • Integrated WebSocket events in Redux store, for a stable and consistent experience across clients.
  • Constructed optimized sorting methods using React and Redux to control and persist user preferences.
  • Created relational schemas with Postgres for quick storage and querying - PostGIS used for geospatial queries.


Vote on Startups’ Elevator Pitches and Invest

React, Redux, Node, Express, Postgres

  • Architected and constructed front-end components with React, Redux and React Router 4 to create a modular single page application with extremely fast rendering.
  • Styled the user interface with React Semantic UI for a beautiful, responsive layout with seamless integration into React frontend codebase.
  • Designed RESTful API with Node and Express for increased modularity and extensible data transfer.


Turn video talks, interviews, and lectures into audio-only podcasts!

MEAN Stack - AngularJS, Node, Express, MongoDB

  • Designed custom AngularJS directives to have small, reusable components in the application.
  • Integrated the YouTube and Savedeo APIs to manage conversion of YouTube video to audio to allow for audio-only versions of any video.
  • Created custom audio player using HTML5 and AngularJS to create basic podcast player functionality including skipping time, playback speed and next/previous.


A mini front-end project to create a Twitter-esque clone

JavaScript, jQuery, CSS